ssg (simple slide generator) is a slide generation system which provides a markdown-like syntax.


Get it!

Directly from the hg repository:

$ hg clone

Or download the last snapshot.


Edit and run:

sudo make install

That's all :)


cat slides | ssg >


Copy doc/config to your working directory and customize it. Then, load the new config with:

cat slides | ssg -c config >


A typical presentation looks like:

##Simple Slide Generator
@nibble <>

#Slide with Header + Text
This is a simple slide, it just contains a basic list ...
  - Item 1
	- SubItem 1.1
	- SubItem 1.2
	- SubItem 1.3
  - Item 2
  - Item 3
  - Item 4
	- SubItem 4.1
  - Item 5

#Slide with Header + Text + Code
This is a slide with text and code
	#include <stdio.h>
	int main() {
		printf ("Hello World!\n");
and some more text.

#Slide with Header + Text + Image
This is a slide with text and an image

##Simple Slide Generator
@nibble <>